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March 31st, 2015




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I love pet peeves

March 30th, 2015

I should probably clarify that. I don’t love people doing MY pet peeves; I love hearing about what other people’s pet peeves are. They are always so random and specific.

For instance, I have to break mine down in to categories:

General: People who when you hand them a magazine to show an article, ad or photo, then take the magazine and read it.

Driving: People who come over too soon after passing when there is no reason/person behind them

Internet (general): Comments that start with “Um” No good comes from UM. Ever.

Internet (facebook): People who post “helpful” health related articles for things they already do. Lemon water! 7 stretches to improve your colon! It always seems smug.

Grammar pet peeves are a whole different post, she says; blissfully unaware of all the errors in this post.

The other interesting thing about pet peeves, is that frequently we have no idea what the secret ones our loved ones are harboring happen to be.

As a test, I asked my husband his number one driving pet peeve and general pet peeve. My guesses were: people who don’ get on the freeway at freeway speed and feet on not foot appropriate objects (pillows/dashboards/tables). A possible second contender one for driving is people who “cut in to his cushion.” I barely know what that means, but he says it a lot on road trips.

His response – “well, those things are definitely annoying but I don’t know if they are the top.” When I asked what his pet peeves were, he refused to tell me! This can only mean one thing: I do them.

Also, I have a new pet peeve: people who won’t tell me their pet peeves.

Abandoned Shopping Cart

Another pet peeve.


Anyways. Chalk this up to random thoughts for a monday. 3 years ago, I would have closed this with “tell me your biggest pet peeves in the comments!” but now my comment section is a ghost town*.

*I just did my second biggest internet pet peeve right there. Complaining about ones blog, on ones blog. Thats what facebook chat is for…**

**It is totally my own fault. This is my first post with words in months. MONTHS. Ugh. I haven’t blogged in so long I don’t even know where the spelllcheck is in this version of wordpress.

Anarchy in the TruK

March 24th, 2015

Truman keeps us busy.






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COOLIT makes dinner time easier!

March 23rd, 2015

Have you ever finished making dinner, plated the whole thing, corralled everyone to the table in record time, actually had a still hot meal and looked over at your baby and realized everything was too hot for the baby to eat? It’s a nightmare. Then you have to get up and find some fruit or crackers and hope to pacify the baby until the food is safe. Or – what I invariably used to do – cut the pieces of the meal smaller and smaller, hoping that by exposing more and more of the food to air, the food will cool more quickly.

Nothing works. Truman is always annoyed.

Enter COOLIT - an ingenious food cooling dish designed to save time for busy parents.

COOLIT  COOLIT is a blue dish that you keep in the freezer (or put it in at least 3 hours before you need it) and then you put hot food on the dish, stir a few times and it is cooled to perfect eating temperature in just a minute.

COOLIT pasta

I tried it out with all sorts of things: pasta, oatmeal, more pasta, smoked gouda mac and cheese (sometimes I get creative!) even our St Patrick’s Day feast of corned beef, cabbage and potatoes.

COOLIT St Paddys


A COOLIT would make a great gift for the mom-who-has-everything shower or a care package for busy working parent about to head back to work.  COOLIT was developed by parents for parents and is a powerhouse time saver at mealtime.

Disclosure: I was provided a COOLIT to review for this post. No other compensation was received.

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