I’ve only been on leave for five weeks and luckily I am able to extend my leave much longer than the average six weeks, but I am already obsessing about my return to work and what I am going to do for childcare.  I have been putting off even calling the three local daycare centers that take infants; I don’t even know if there is a waiting list. In-home childcare seems so expensive and with a husband who works graveyard hours, reliable shared care seems unlikely.

So many choices to make, on top of everything else it just seems so overwhelming.  I will call the day care centers tomorrow…. I say that almost everyday, but this time I really mean it.

Update: two of the three called, one is full and made an appointment to tour the other.  Husband ruled out the third based on its location in the less than idea part of town.  I did get a promising lead about a part-time babysitter, though.

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