Feeding time

A skinny baby is not a happy baby.  Babies are supposed to regain weight to their birth weight in 14 days or less.  When a breastfed baby doesn’t regain weight it can be problematic to identify the caused.  My latch is fine, his suck is fine, he just falls asleep almost every time he feeds and my milk production seems low.  Since I refused to take the Reglan, I’ve tried the natural remedies to increase milk – fenugreek, oatmeal, beer, lactation tea; nothing has made a remarkable difference.  I’ve tried including pumping, but that just makes me feel like he is getting less at the breast when he does nurse.

After zero weight gain between weeks three and four, my doctor suggested incorporating 8 ounces of formula daily.  Now that I’ve introduced a bottle, breastfeeding has gotten worse.  Baby no longer wants to work for it.  I just can pump enough to only feed breast milk in the bottle, so I am going with half formula, half breast milk for now.  It his hard to not feel like a failure, but the most important thing for now is that Baby gains weight.  It is not a happy thing to see a baby’s ribcage.

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