Breastfeeding Preparedness

I was prepared for breastfeeding to be difficult in the same way that I was prepared for labor—intellectually, I knew there would be pain and it would be a challenge, but I don’t think it is something you can prepare for all that well.  I had all of the things I thought I would need: nursing pads, a pump, lanisoh, nursing bras, a boppie and two books.  In truth, except for the nursing tanks, nothing has helped that much.  I was not prepared for the length of time my little guy takes to feed.  I was not prepared for the boredom.  I never feel my milk ejection reflex.  I’ve never leaked milk, except for overnight, when the baby sleeps for more than 5 hours.  I was not prepared at all for the feeling I had when I looked down at Spencer and realized that my body was feeding him.  It was the most overwhelming and wonderful feeling all at once.

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