On the fence

I hate feeling like I am starving my baby. I really want to breastfeed and I am limiting the supplementing, but I feel like he is always hungry, especially in the evening. I am going back to the group tomorrow and will get a weight check and then decide whether I need to go back to pumping some to supplement instead of using formula. Pumping is just so awkward. I know I am supposed to pump after a feeding, but my baby likes to be held and I don’t know what to do with him. Do I let him cry so I can pump? I am not sure if that is worth it. Do I only pump the times I can get him down to sleep? That might work better, but would be pretty erratic. I guess I will see how his weight is doing tomorrow. If he is gaining then the current method is going ok and I only need to pump 2-3 ounces a day to supplement.

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4 Responses to “On the fence”

  1. Dou-la-la says:

    I actually had to pump after feedings for a long time, and I came up with a technique that worked really well for us. Do you have a Boppy? And ideally, do you have a glider with a footstool? If not, my technique could still be implemented, but if you have one or both of them, you;re golden. Let me know if you want to hear about it.

    Good luck mama! You’re a trooper! And you’re doing such a huge, great job.


    babybabylemon Reply:

    I would love to hear about your technique. I have a Bobby, but do not have a glider or footstool. I have a couch and coffee table with a shelf on the bottom that I can rest my feet on.


    Dou-la-la Reply:

    Ok, then that’s perfect! Get your pump set up next to the couch so that everything is easily within arm’s reach. (Hopefully this means the TV remote, too!) Get your Boppy and another pillow – one from your bed, not a couch throw pillow.

    What you’re going to do is rest your feet on the coffee table, either with ankles crossed or without (it will depend on your comfort and proportions). Once baby has been fed and is drowsy/sleeping and you’re ready to pump, you lay the pillow over your legs – not quite in your lap, exactly, but a little further away, more like at your knees. Put the Boppy on top of that, open end facing you: http://www.ourlilypatch.com/pictures/main.php?g2_itemId=515

    Baby goes into the Boppy, so that their legs are in the open space and their head rests on the top part of the upside-down U curve, and they’re comfortably guarded on either side. Cover with blanket or not, as desired. I would then pump and hold on to the bottles with my hands (after putting the TV on whatever I was watching of course) resting on the tips of each side of the Boppy.

    I hope that makes sense! It’s a lot less complicated than it sounds. It’s essentially just Boppy on pillow on the far end of your lap. I wish I had a better photo of the setup, but I can’t find one! You can really feel your way into it though. Give the setup a dry run before the next time you have to pump!

    I hope this helps! We did it for months and months & it got quite cozy.



  2. Dou-la-la says:

    Also, your LC may have told you this, but it is very, very common for all babies to need to nurse more frequently in the evening. Every woman’s supply lowers a bit then, due to the normal cycle of prolactin production, which fluctuates throughout the day. So don’t worry about that!


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