Parenting in a new age

I get made fun of by the women I work with a lot. They say I am going to have a baby who is raised by the internet and books, which I think is slightly unfair. I don’t have a lot of friends my own age in town and those that are have school age children. The people I see the most are the people at work who are mostly female nurses with grown or high-school-aged children. Who is to say that if the internet weren’t around when they had new babies, they wouldn’t have looked everything up, too. Some of it also has to do with having family around. My husband’s parents live in town, but my sister lived on the other coast and both of my parents have passed away. I have the internet – blogs; mommy blogs; various websites and forums and facebook. It is a new age for first time parents and I am thankful for it.  Otherwise, I can only imagine how isolated I would feel.

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