Commas. I love commas and use them with frequency and reckless abandon.  They are not my favorite punctuation mark; that would be the semicolon, which is like the comma’s fun aunt.  However, this being said, I tend to overuse the comma.  When my brother-in-law was proofreading my personal statement for my grad school applications, he mocked me mercilessly for starting nearly every sentence with a dependent clause.

I am finding that I am making the same mistake here.  As one of the reasons I had for starting this project was to fine tune my writing skills, this is the last post where I will not be scrutinizing my use of dependent clauses and overzealous application of commas.  Maybe I will even make a list and leave off the optional comma before the last item.   I wont let anyone say that motherhood has cost me my rebellious streak.

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