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I paid a visit to work to watch a presentation by my former team.  The visit was great- it was good to see everyone, the baby was admired and I gave my support to the team.  However, I did notice something annoying.  Just about every other person asked me one of two things: is he a good baby or does he sleep through the night.  I am not really sure how to answer either of these questions.

Is he a good baby? Of course he is a good baby.  Well, he is my only baby so I don’t really know any different, but what are they expecting me to say? No, actually he is evil and I regret everything that led to this point.  This may just be a work platitude like when you ask how someone is and she always just answers fine.  I have had cashiers and relatives ask me this question too, but not as often as the next.

Does he sleep through the night? There are several answers to this: sometimes, he sleeps enough and he sleeps in some good blocks.  What I never really answer is that as a breastfeed baby it is unusual for him to sleep through the night.  I’ve noticed that the nurses at work actually ask me if I am getting enough sleep.  This is much better; there is no stigma or expectation attached.  People have this expectation that “sleeping through the night” is an imperative.  It isn’t.  I am more than happy to get up and nurse my baby all night.

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