No Gain

I had Spencer weighed today on the clinic scale he has been weighed on in the past and he has not gained since his last appointment which was September 15th.  Not good.  I thought we were improving and I feel like this is a huge setback.  I am going to add more pumping during the day, which should help with the supply problems and allow me to supplement with breastmilk instead of formula for 6-8 ounces per day.  That is my new goal for pumping.  Maybe I will have an easier time with pumping if I have a goal.  It is just so frustrating.

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7 Responses to “No Gain”

  1. Hi – I saw your tweet on breastfeeding and wanted to follow you here to offer support. It sounds like you have been having a tough time.

    You are doing an amazing thing for your baby! I’m so impressed with how you are sticking with it and reaching out for support. I have an article I wrote on my blog with lots of tips on pumping – lots of it is about when you go back to work, but also good tips on how to be most productive during a pumping session.

    To answer one of your questions, I wouldn’t pump when baby is crying… wait until he’s moderately happy – maybe in a swing or bouncy seat or sleeping, before pumping. That way you can relax, too.

    The baby pic on Twitter is GORGEOUS. Congrats. feel free to e-mail me if I can be of any help. I bf both my kiddos. :)



    babybabylemon Reply:

    Thanks for the link and the support, I will check it out.


  2. Dou-la-la says:

    Chiming in from Twitter here as well.

    Hang in there mama! You’re not alone! I haven’t read your whole blog, so forgive me if this is already covered, but are you taking any galactagogues? Mother’s Milk tea can help, or you can get straight fenugreek to increase your supply if more help is needed. Even eating oatmeal can help a bit.

    Check this out:

    I commented on an earlier post re: my own technique for setting the baby up very close to you when you’re pumping, let me know if you want to hear it!

    You can do this mama, hang in there!


    babybabylemon Reply:

    I’ve been taking Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle and eating oatmeal most mornings for breakfast,


  3. Dou-la-la says:

    Aha, have now caught up more and see that you’re totally in the know on the galactagogues. Sorry!

    Glad you’re off the Reglan! I do know some moms who had tons of success with the More Milk Plus.


  4. betsy says:

    It took me four months to get the hang of breastfeeding. I am an extreme case in that respect, but wanted you to know that at 12 months, I love it so much and dread the day when my son decides to wean. You will overcome these obstacles. If I did (after four months), you will do so much quicker! In case it hasn’t been mentioned, if you’re pumping and can manage it, pump one breast while the baby nurses from the other. It’s amazing what a little jealousy between boobs can accomplish for production! Good luck!


    babybabylemon Reply:

    I’ve tried pumping while nursing a few times, but I need to get better at the football hold to make it work out. He is a squirmy little guy and if he is too close he can knock the flange around. Thanks for your input and support,


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