We had are first all day trip with the baby yesterday and I think it went well. There was one giant poop that blew out the diaper, but thankfully we had decided to put the car seat in the cart at the store rather than use the carrier or I would have been wearing a lot of poop. I think we might need to switch to the carrier that has a sunshade for his head. It was too hot for a hat and I was a little worried about sun exposure, but tried to walk mostly in the shade.

Mealtimes were a little trickier as I am not very good at nursing in public. Most of the time I just fed him in the car, which is pretty comfortable. Nursing in public worries me because Baby Spencer flails a lot, needs to be relatched frequently and I have to do breast compressions after the first few minutes so we end up in some awkward positions. I probably should just go to an empty park some morning and try it and see how it goes.

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