I am feeling much more confident today that the breastfeeding problems are going to get better.  After a disappointing visit with the doctor yesterday, I have decided that I can improve this without her support.  Knowing my inclination towards being contrary, I probably just want to improve even more just to spite her.  I went to the doctor for a weight check and supply issues; my goal was to leave with a prescription for domperidone.  The weight check was great, a gain of 8 ounces in two and a half days, but the rest of the visit was frustrating.

I tend to cry when discussing my problems breastfeeding and I have always been a frustration crier.  Instead of offering any help with supply, I was told that I shouldn’t beat myself up about not being able to breastfeed fully and breast milk is better than none at all.  I understand the truth in that statement, but if my goal to exclusively breastfeed, my expectation is that she would help with that.  She just told me that I had postpartum depression and that his weight/percentiles were fine. He is on the thin side, but nothing to worry about.  My husband also thought the visit was ridiculous and if I had PPD at all, it was only when I was taking the Reglan.  He also tried to explain this to the doctor, but to no avail.

I am going to continue going to the Monday group and stick with the advice of the LC that runs it.  She is much more supportive and will work with me to develop an improvement plan.  I just plan to pump, pump, pump and breastfeed as much as possible, staying home for the next few days.  I hope I can find a different physician to write the script for domperidone.  Things are definitely looking up.

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