I never realized how much effort it took to bring babies places.  I always thought those mom’s with overflowing tote bags were over-packers.  Even in these first few months, I tended to bring the minimum necessary to get the baby somewhere.  And today I am going to a wedding. Not just a wedding, a full catholic wedding mass plus reception.  I checked; the church does not have a crying room. This should be interesting.  I found myself packing a diaper bag, plus a supplemental bag of clothes that vaguely match each other for back-up and bringing the backpack carrier, the ergo and the sling.  It wasn’t until yesterday that I thought about the fact I would need something to wear, too.  None of my nice, pre-pregnancy clothes fit correctly and I had a devil of a time finding something that I could nurse in.  I found a dress that I think will work.  At least I know for next time that  I would be better off with a top and skirt.  I am off to bathe the baby so he will be nice and clean when he spits up on his new clothes.

Edited after the wedding to add: We did not need a single change of clothes and only used the ergo.  He was an angel and only cried once during the whole 7 hour extravaganza.

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