Holiday Giving

I used to struggle with giving to charity. During college and the very lean years right after, I donated time or a few dollars here or there. I donated blood and gave to food banks, but it was pretty random and insignificant.  As I settled in to a steady job, I looked for charities that I would like to contribute annually.  I flirted with St Jude’s and PBS and still donate to them occasionally, but I couldn’t truly commit.  It didn’t seem very personal and I didn’t feel like they really needed my money.  (I realize that they do.) And then I found Donors Choose.

I love Donors Choose. I donate every year, sometimes more than once.  This year was exceptionally fun because my donation was part of the annual Tomato Nation contest and I ended up getting a gift card to spend after the fact through a corporate donor.  Why do I use the word fun? Because Donors Choose is like shopping, but for other people.  Educators post specific projects along with the cost and rationale for the project.  You can choose by highest need, geographic location or income level.  This year I gave to a classroom that purchased a refrigerator in order to have a cooking module for a special needs program.

There is something so satisfying about knowing exactly where my dollar is going.  I plan on giving one more time this year.  My husband and I will sit down and pick the project together.  I hope in that in years to come, this will become a tradition with Spencer, too.

In no way was this post sponsored, or even encouraged, by Donors Choose; I just love them.

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