Starting Our Cloth Diaper Adventure

I just washed our first few cloth diapers.  I am excited to begin this project.  I am starting with an assortment: Smartipants, bumGenius, Econobum, Thirsties, Kissaluvs and FuzziBunz.  I purchased one of each type except for the Smartipants, I have 4 of those.  I thought I would try a few out before committing to a whole system.  I realize there will be a little waste in the beginning from washing smaller loads, but I can live with that compared to investing in a system that didn’t work for us.

These are my biggest concerns at the start:

1. The moisture won’t wick away enough and I will be changing Spencer every time he wets; then we would need a huge stash of diapers.

2. I won’t be able to deal with the poopy diapers – they will gross me out, I won’t be able to get them clean, etc.

3. Our really hard water will cause laundry issues. I’ve researched this and there are solutions, it may just cause a little more work.

4. I won’t be able to stop buying them because they are so cute.

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3 Responses to “Starting Our Cloth Diaper Adventure”

  1. Sarah says:

    The only “concern” I could agree with is #4 lol. I LOVE our BumGenius diapers LOVE!!


  2. Erin W. says:

    We’re about to start using cloth diapers too. I’m buying 5 from a friend who bought some random brands to see if she liked them. She didn’t and is selling them to me for fairly cheap. It will be a good little start for us, I guess. We’re just starting out with 5 and I am hoping that it works out well enough that my husband will let me buy some BumGenius diapers too, because otherwise we’re going to be doing a lot of disposable diaper supplementing.

    Please keep us posted on how your ‘adventure’ goes – I’m gonna need help with this, I think. HAHA.


    babybabylemon Reply:

    So far so good today. We are on diaper number two and no leaks yet.


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