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We are working on a bedtime routine, slowly but surely trying to set a routine in place. The one I have settled on is bath, bottle, book, boob. Most of the time it works pretty well, especially on nights when I am the only one home, which is about 4-5 per week. Sure, I skip the bath some nights, but baby isn’t too dirty yet. He has just started rolling a lot and is mostly contained on a blanket.  I start about 8 pm or so and baby gets all tucked in by 9. This gives me time to do the dishes, put away laundry and diapers that are laying about and to a general tidying up. Then I get ready for bed, sometimes squeeze in a shower and have about 10 minutes to read before it is lights out by 10:45. I will say, it takes me a lot longer to read a book than it used to.

Everything is working out, but we have had some sleeping set-backs. Spencer used to sleep through the night pretty regularly, waking up between 5 am and 6 am. Now, it is much more erratic. Some mornings it is 2 am, mostly 4 am and a (very) few super-awesome 6 ams. I think the change can be attributed to either teething or the cooler weather. Not sure, but I hope it goes back to the way it was. I didn’t appreciate how lucky I was then.  Every time I get used to something or feel like I am getting good at it, it changes.

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