I never thought much about sleep. I’ve always been a pretty easy and sound sleeper with some bouts of insomnia in times of stress. During my pregnancy, I had a more diffecult time of it when I was unable to sleep in my bed during the eighth month and I began to have some problems staying asleep.  All of these are normal things for the late stages of pregnancy. I’ve been pretty lucky so far with Spencer, as far as sleep goes. He’s slept in a 5 hour block at night almost since birth. This may have contributed to some of my milk supply issues, but it was great as a new parent.

This week, however, because of either his cold, teething or some sort of 5 month growth spurt things have changed. I now have a better idea about sleepless nights and getting up every two hours to nurse. It is a rude shock to have it happen at 5 months.  I am tired all of the time and I look like I’ve been hit by a truck This combined with only being back at work for 3 weeks has really worked me over. Spencer fell asleep a little earlier than normal tonight and the 45 minutes between the time he fell asleep and when I should go to bed have been awesome.  They are over now, but it was great while it lasted. Hopefully, he will go back to his old sleeping patterns soon.

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