Budding Foodie?

So far, Doodlebug seems to like most food he tries, with yogurt being his new favorite. The biggest misses were probably cauliflower and peas, but I didn’t like that batch of peas much either. I am not sure how steamed and chopped peas ended up dry, but they did.  He is a very thoughtful eater, stopping to savor each bite. He has tried Cheerios and Apple Puffs and seems to like them ok, but prefers them fed to him. He is such a diva. I really want to stick to baby led weaning, but I don’t really have the patience or the tolerance for the wasted food. I do try and pay close attention to his cues, and let him guide the spoon. It just kills me that the bulk of the puffs I put on his tray end up on the floor. He can feed himself Mum Mums ok, but doesn’t quite get it yet with the smaller stuff. We were working on it tonight, but he really wanted to have me feed him. He would even eat them off my palm like a pet, rather than feed himself. I figure we’ll just keep trying and work it out together.

Edited 3/27: The laws of the internet prevailed and the breakfast after I posted this, he figured out how to feed himself puffs and started scarfing them down with no assistance from me.

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