Baby got some teeth, two on the same day, in fact. His front two bottom teeth. Hopefully that explains some of the frequent night wakings. It has gotten so much worse in the last few weeks that it is not even funny. He did sleep through the night again. Once since December. I know a lot of moms would say that babies, especially breastfed babies, just don’t sleep through the night yet. But he used to. From August to December, then he just stopped and slowly started waking more and more each night. But wait. This is supposed to be about teeth. It looks like he might get his top two soon, they are starting to bulge a bit. ¬†Blurry tooth proof:

First two teeth

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2 Responses to “Tooths!”

  1. Omg he is just so sweet! I LOVE baby teeth! I probably spend two hours total in a day going on and on about Tristan’s 2 baby teeth seriously.


    Amy Reply:

    I am much more excited about teeth now that he seemed to have lightened up on the nips.


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