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People who know me in real life know that calling me a voracious reader is a massive understatement. And I am not picky. I’ll read anything as long as it is decently written. If I am bored enough, I will even forgive bad writing as long as it is tolerable. When I discovered blogs on the internet (in the 90s, I am dating myself), I was in heaven. There was a wealth of free things out there to read. Gradually, I found the ones I liked and I was a very faithful reader. I leaned towards pop culture and personal. I read Pamie when she still lived in Texas for pete’s sake. But I always felt a little guilty. People were working hard on these blogs and putting themselves out there. For free. I even took a stab at it, but didn’t last long and thank god I took it down. My life at that time did not need to be documented. So, I do my best to support the writers of blogs when I can. When Pamie wrote her books, I bought them. Fametracker book, check. Go Fug Yourself book, check. When people I like do charity events, check, check and check (the last one is still going on, go donate if you can and help Suzanne save the bebehs).

So, when The Feminist Breeder‘s site went down and there was a call for donations to help pay an unreasonable fee and release her work, I donated – less than $20, but every bit helps. I donate because right now I can. And all of the people give up their time to share a bit of themselves with all of us do it for free (mostly).  I think of my internet peeps as friends, in much the same way I was friends with Anne Shirley or Ellen Tibbits. I wont be working for much longer and might not be able to help people with money any more, so starting May 1st, I will be click, click, clicking on people’s ad or sponsored tweets. It only takes a second and it is one way to pay for my habit.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Thank you so much for mentioning me, and of course, for donating!!

    I knew TFB’s site was down but somehow missed the rest of it until the next day. It’s amazing how quickly the blogging community will come together when one of us is in need.


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