It’s All Happening at the Zoo

This weekend, when my sister was in town, we took Spencer to the Santa Barbara Zoo. Also, I have never been there. It is a good size – not to big – and was easily walkable with the baby in the Ergo. We decided not to bring a stroller and that was really a good decision. I am a fan of walking around slower packs of people and there were a few spots where a stroller wouldn’t have been able to squeeze through. And you just leave your stroller outside of the station when you take the zoo train and I would have been worried about the stroller the entire ride.

Checking out the Elephants

I may be projecting due to my love of elephants, but Spencer seemed to really like them. They captured his attention. The elephants were eating during our stop by their exhibit and there is something so soothing and mesmerizing about the careful way they pick up the grasses and eat with their trunks. I love elephants; when I was little, I wanted to be a zookeeper just so I could take care of elephants.  We also found a cute statue of an elephant and used it as a photo op and a chance for Spencer to check things out from outside of the carrier.

Exploring at the zoo

A new exhibit at the zoo were the capybaras – so cute and cuddly you kind of want a pet one. Then I remember that not only are they rodents, they are world’s largest rodents. I hate rodents. Ew. We visited the giraffes and one was being fed very close to the edge of the exhibit and we could see her from only a few feet away. The zoo offers giraffe feeding for a small fee, but that will wait until Spencer is quite a bit bigger.  All in all it was a great day at the zoo.

Wandering the grounds

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