New Foods

I’ve been working on introducing new foods as much as possible. I think we have had enough success and no sort of reactions, so I stopped waiting the three days between new foods. Spencer has now had: potatoes (mashed and a bit of au gratin), salmon, kidney bean, chirimoya, tangelo, olives, zucchini, pears, macaroni, various types of baby snacks and yogurt. Oh my the yogurt. He loves it. All flavors, all kinds. I switched from flavored YoBaby to flavored greek because of the sugar and I am going to try plain greek this week. He seems to prefer the thicker texture of the greek and as an added bonus, he can keep greek yogurt on his spoon a little better. We are working on baby-led-eating (thanks to starrymom I now have a better phrase. Something about baby-led-weaning, bugged me) with some spoon-fed, mushy stuff mixed in. Time permitting, I try to let him feed himself at least half of a serving, once I get the spoon loaded up, but some mornings before work, time is a little tight.  Dinner allows us to be much more focused on baby-led-eating. Zucchini sticks and macaroni have been my favorites so far.  Of the homemade foods, pear and apple pureed together is his new favorite. And why wouldn’t it be? With a little cinnamon on top, we’ve been known to share a bowl for dessert.

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