Shake it up baby

The earthquake yesterday made me realize how utterly unprepared I feel about a baby and an emergency. We are pretty far north of Baja, but still felt the quake. It was long and rolling enough that we went to a doorway and waited. It felt like it could go either way, but turned out to be very minor shaking for us. As I was standing in the doorway, me being my slightly over-dramatic and paranoid self was categorizing the supplies we would need if we had to flee the house or lost water and power. I have enough cloth diapers to last about 2.5 days if they all are clean and some disposables left from my baby shower.  I am still breastfeeding and giving one or two bottles per day to supplement, depending on Spencer’s intake of solids for the day.  So most of his food needs are covered, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to have a few jars of baby food on hand – adding to grocery list now.

As far as general emergency supplies, we have water and canned food, enough to last maybe two days. Thanks to my husband’s addiction, depending on how deep the stash is, we normally have 2-3 weeks of bottled iced tea on hand. A lot of our stuff needs updating, I need a more child-appropriate first aid kit, who knows how old some of the flashlight batteries are and the water could probably be rotated through. I am trying to remember what emergency things my parents had when I was growing up and I only remember the fire evacuation plan – complete with meeting place – and a few jugs of water.  I think this like rock and roll was just enough motivation to get my supplies in order.

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