9 Month Stats

So, I woke up this morning at a nice leisurely 8:15, hang out with the baby in our cozy chair for a few minutes then amble downstairs for a diaper change (Spencer) and some coffee (me). On the way to the kitchen, I pick up my phone. A calendar notification? How very odd. I must have forgotten to clear it yesterday. So, I check it out – Dr S at 8:45. WTF!! I could have sworn that the appointment was at 2. I was so positive, in fact, that I never double checked.

Luckily, it’s the hubs day off. He ran upstairs to get dressed while I changed the baby and gave him a “bath” with a few baby wipes. Then we switched off, I tossed him some baby clothes and tore off ti get ready. Grabbed some snacks and we were out the door in 15 minutes. Not too bad –  the only major fail is that I forgot to grab a Diet Coke and had to deal with the waiting room uncaffeinated. The office is in the next town over, but we made it in the door before 9:10. And then we waited. And waited. There was a sick little girl in the waiting room, who was doing her best to cover her cough, but was rattly enough to make me antsy. Finally got in to a room and did a little more waiting, but not too bad. I wasn’t prepared for the 9 month anemia test and accompanying finger prick, but Spencer didn’t even bat an eye, just sucking away on his pacifier; however, he seemed to think that the band-aid was a tasty snack and he couldn’t figure out why it was stuck to his finger. On to the stats:

Weight: 19 pounds 13 ounces, 25th percentile, up from last time when he was in the 20th percentile

Length: 29.5 inches, 90th percentile, watch out world, we have a tall one!

Head Circumference: 18 inches, I forgot the percentile, but I think it is about average

Hemoglobin: 12, no need to worry about anemia, yay!

Back in 3 months for his one year appointment. *sniff*

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