9 Months

I figured that since 9 months ago, Spencer was a few days late in coming, it is only fitting that his 9 month post is late as well. I can’t believe he’s been out as long as he was in now. And 3/4s of a year. Point 75. All big milestones. This coming at the end of my most trying month so far as a mother – husband out of town for 3 weeks plus my last 4 weeks of work. And a new stander with a new top tooth. Last month was crazy.

Why yes, mom did go a little nuts last month.

I learned a few things about my parenting style – a shower is less important than sleep, I don’t mind eating standing up in the kitchen if it means that Spencer isn’t grabbing at my food and I’m a little sad he is outgrowing the bucket car seat. Last month, baby car seat naps were my salvation. I guess now if he falls asleep in the car I either leave him and sit in the driveway or wake him and bring him inside… I guess I won’t know until I try. Maybe he’ll sleep through the transfer.

With his favorite elephant, We named him Hugs!

I won’t have his growth stats until Friday, but I am guessing he is 19 pounds, at least. I haven’t checked his developmental stats in awhile (bad mom, I know) so I thought it would be fun to post them here. I went with Babycenter’s chart. He seems to be on track with the Mastered Skills (most kids can do): stands while holding on to something, jabbers or combines syllables, understands object permanence. Check, check and check. Emerging skills (most kids can do): cruises while holding on to furniture, yes; drinks from a sippy cup, no, but can drink from a regular cup with assistance, and alone when cup is filled with nasty bathwater and he goes too fast for me to stop him; eats with fingers, definite yes; bangs objects together, yes. Lastly, he can’t do most odf the advanced skills: says mama and dada to correct parent, no, he babbles mamamama and dadadada but certainly isn’t saying the actual words; and plays patty-cake and peek-a-boo, nope, but he will giggle hysterically when peek-a-bood at. Is that what this means? Anyways. That seems pretty good. As long as his weight is on track, I’m pretty pleased that I didn’t break him in the last few months.

Not a fan of baby jail.

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