I have a small problem. Well, actually a huge problem. I love beauty product samples. I order online and time it to get the best selection of samples. I am a sucker for buying packs of trial sizes. I take them from hotels. I collect them in department stores. I will even take the funny little lipstick blobs out of magazines. This would be all fine and dandy, but I never use the products. I am pretty specific about what cleanser and lotion I use on my face, but use all sorts of body washes, soaps and lotions. But never use my samples. I might need them.

I have a drawer full of little bits of this and that: face lotion, eye cream, bronzer, primer and conditioner to name just a few.  So, I’ve decided no more buying products until I use up the samples. Except for face cleanser, because that is just something I don’t want to monkey around with. This will be a bit of a challenge because our mall is getting a Sephora soon.  But I must resist, I will resist. I’m not working anymore and my indiscriminate spending is weighing heavily on my mind. I figure this should save some money. My goal is to make it through July without buying any products.

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  1. Cindy A says:

    This is funny! I kept changing soaps and shampoos, then one day I was like, how many must I have seriously!! So, I decided to do what you are doing, and it worked :)


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