I feel the need for another Mother’s Day related post , partially because my last was so abrupt and also because of the lovely event I attended this morning. The woman who runs the breastfeeding support group that I attend hosted a small event honoring mothers. She led an interesting discussion on what we gain and lose when we transition from maiden to mother. It really madeĀ  me think about my sense of self has evolved since becoming a mother.

There are the obvious changes, like becoming a stay-at-home mom, but there are some aspects of my personality that have shifted as well. I definitely have let go of some of my need to plan; sure, I still like some structure and am not thrilled with surprises, but I certainly go with the flow more easily. My pragmatism has been beneficial and I have come a long way in managing my fears about Spencer being in danger. I know I still hover a bit when he is doing something that in1“ retrospect doesn’t seem so dangerous, but at the time was giving me heart palpitations. I feared that he would give himself a concussion banging his head on the hardwood floors and no I am so much more relaxed about it.

During the event, we were asked to think of a mom we admired and a trait that she embodied. I thought of my choice and she sure embodied confidence. The leader then stated that this was the trait we probably wished we had more of. So true! I have come a long way from the day we were leaving the hospital and I was afraid to put his arm through a sleeve because I thought I would break him, but I am no where near where I would like to be. My goal right now is just to grow every day.

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2 Responses to “Mothering”

  1. Cindy A says:

    I like that, just to grow everyday! It is great to grow and evolve into who we are as a mom. Nice Post!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks Cindy! It was one of those posts that veered wildly from what I was thinking I was going to write about when I started.


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