I’m not sure where I went wrong with Spencer’s sleep habits. Things that were cute at 2 months are less so at 9 months. We almost have a bedtime routine in place and he goes to sleep (normally) between 8:30 and 9:30 and sleeps until between 6:45 and 8. He sleeps ok in his crib, still wakes 2-3 times per night and won’t always go back to sleep in his crib, but that I can live with. The bigger issue is the napping.

Spencer prefers to nap on me. He can be dead asleep and he will wake if I try and move him. I’ve tried nursing him on the floor on a blanket because then he would be in a place where I could leave him, but he is on to me and won’t fall asleep. Sometimes, I can slide the pillow over on to the couch, but that really isn’t a safe place for him to sleep and end up freaked out and sit next to him the whole time he is sleeping. Not really an improvement over him sleeping on my lap. I used to leave him in the bucket when he fell asleep in the car, but that ended this weekend when we installed the new car seat. I did have a successful car to pack-n-play transfer yesterday, but he only slept for 25 minutes in the pack-n-play. I took him out and nursed him and he slept for another hour. I tried putting him back in the pack-n-play after he nurse, but he woke immediately, so I just left him in my lap for the duration.

I have this vision of nap time, where I put a sleepy but awake baby down in his crib and he falls asleep in a darkened room for 2 hours until I start to hear some murmuring over the monitor and I go and get him for a snack. I am not sure where this came from (probably tv or overwhelmingly positive blogs) but I doubt it will ever happen. At this point, I would be super happy with putting a sleeping baby down somewhere that wasn’t my lap and having him stay asleep for an hour. Advice would be welcome in the comments.

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