Capitol City

We made it to Sacramento. The hotel is fine, the bed is awesome. I wish I had a pillow top king at home. I am discovering that hotels are death traps for babies, though. I did my best to remove the hazards, brought outlet plugs from home and unplugged everything I could. But the lamps are all wall plugs and the outlets for them are not blocked by furniture. I’ve blocked with luggage the best I could. Hotels should have baby rooms – come with a crib or playpen (just somewhere safe to stick a baby while in the bathroom at least), fewer floor height drawers and no dangling cords. I would pay extra. Oh – and cleaner carpets. The top of Spencer’s feet turned black from crawling around on the carpet. Ew.

Dirty baby feet are gross.

Spencer has discovered the fun came of squatting down in front of the wall-mounted air conditioning unit and then standing up and getting blasted in the face with cold air. And then he laughs. All is well so far, drove around downtown a bit this morning to reacquaint myself with the city РI lived quite close for nearly ten years and now I am watching a Law and Order marathon while the baby naps. Depending on how hot it gets (because I am a So Cal wimp) we may head out to a park this afternoon. Today is supposed to be the hottest day, so starting tomorrow  I may get more adventurous. I got lots of fun suggestions for things to do from twitter friends. I just have to fight the lazies.

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  1. You should ask the hotel for a crib. They usually have them available (at no extra cost). But yeah, hotels should totally offer rooms that are baby proofed.


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