Catching My Breath

May was a crazy month. A death in the family, another family member (still) hospitalized but on the mend. My first month not working was a busy one, but June is going to be even busier. And then it will be July and my baby will turn one. Yikes. But backing up to June. We are going to be gone for almost 3 of the 4 weeks in June*, broken into a one week and a two week trip. We’ve never travelled that long with Spencer and we’ll be cloth diapering, so this will truly be an adventure. At least the one week trip comes before the two week trip, so we’ll have some practice.

My biggest travel concerns are taking too much stuff, taking not enough stuff, where the baby will sleep and washing diapers. The last is really only a concern on the two week trip because we will be in motion most of the trip and I am not sure how thrilled the husband will be about taking a time out to wash. As for the first two issues, our last road trip with baby was a 3 day trip and I filled the car. And we are taking the smaller car this time, so I am concerned that I will over reduce the luggage. I just need to fight my usual over packing ways and pack thoughtfully.  I am going to take note of what did and didn’t work on the short trip and use it for the longer trip. It should be fine.

I’m also on the hunt for fun things to do in the following locations: Sacramento/Davis, CA and Golden/Boulder/Denver, CO. We already plan on going to the train museum in Sacramento, and hitting the many walking paths in Davis. As for Colorado, I want to go to Coors and Rumparooz in Golden (excellent combo, I think) and hubs has some ideas of what to show me in Boulder, as he lived there for a spell and I have never been. Please leave suggestions for things to do in the comments.

I am getting so excited just thinking about it. I haven’t been somewhere new since our (super-awesome) family trip to Mackinac Island in 2008.

Mackinac Bridge

*Attention any would be robbers and/or stalkers: we have a house sitter. And nothing good to steal. Unless you want a bunch of plastic baby toys or sized 0-9M baby clothes, then – jackpot!

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