Diaper Guilt

We are traveling right now and using disposable diapers. I had mixed feelings at first, but realized that I had over 100 open disposable diapers from a diaper cake at my shower sitting in a cabinet and they were size 2 and would fit Spencer. Its not like I could have donated them somewhere, so we figured we might as well use them up on the trip. At first we just talked about using them on the drive to avoid showing up at our destination with a bagful of poopy diapers. Also, I had some concerns about our host’s reaction to washing diapers in her washer and she is being kind enough to let us stay in her apartment for a week and gave up her bedroom so we could have the bigger room. I hemmed and hawed and struggled and decided that disposables would do for the trip.

What I wasn’t expecting was my reaction to using them. They are working great, way fewer leaks in the car than when we took cloth on the last road trip. They are mostly holding up at night, but I am covering them with a woolie wrap at night to keep any little leaks at bay (insert the gasps of horror here from the cloth diaper purists that I am sullying a perfectly good nifty nappy by letting it touch a sposie). It had been kind of nice not worrying about laundry. We’ve had no rashes and all in all have had great success with the diapers.

And that is where the guilt is setting in. I feel like I should hate them and not find them handy. I feel like I should cringe at the touch or the smell or all the other things that many cloth diaper enthusiasts mention as reasons that they don’t use them. But I am not. I’m a bad cloth diapering mama. I want to be hardcore and pack my wet bags, poop scraper and rockin green, but I am also lazy. And this has been an incredibly stressful vacation and I am glad I am not cloth diapering right now. There. I said it.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    You know what Baby Evan is wearing right now? Luvs. Between my husband being insanely busy this week and my sudden onset second trimester morning sickness AND the baby’s new awesome habit of pooping at least five times a day I couldn’t bring myself to handle another pile of crap in a cloth diaper. So we’re using some of the disposables I keep on hand for traveling/emergencies. And I don’t feel bad about it at all. I figure it’s sort of like cutting down on junk food or walking one trip a day instead of driving – doing the right thing SOMETIMES is better than never.


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