First Swim

One of the perks of traveling is access to pools. We really only have pay to swim pools in town and I hadn’t decided whether we would do the baby swim class this summer and wanted to introduce Spencer to the water before I paid for classes and had him scream in terror all the way through. We are staying with my husband’s aunt in Boulder and her complex has a pool. We took Spencer tonight and he loved it.

Getting his feet wet!

We started out with him just sitting on the steps and he seemed a little confused, like the pool was a giant, cold bathtub.  After a few minutes, he seemed to take to the water. I went in and carried him deeper in the pool. He started kicking right away and when I put him on his stomach he splashed his hands and kicked his feet in a really rudimentary doggy-paddle. I swear that if I had let him go he would have swam clear across the pool. We are going to have take him in again before we leave.

We made it to the deep end

His joy made me get over having to be in a bathing suit, which was slightly horrifying. The incident was also photographed; this served two purposes: we have a cute memento of the occasion and now I have huge motivation to start eating better and exercising. I don’t want to crop myself out of all of Spencer’s childhood photographs.

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