Mini Milestone: Kid’s Meal

We had a mini-milestone while we were in Sacramento. We ordered Spencer’s first menu item – mac and cheese from IKEA. Mostly in restaurants, we bring snacks and feed him bits off of our plates, but this time we decided to order something. Proably because it was 99 cents, so what was the harm if he didn’t finish it. He made a mess, but ate almost the entire bowl. And loved it.

Mmmm. Cheesy

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3 Responses to “Mini Milestone: Kid’s Meal”

  1. Suzanne says:

    I just turned my husband and said “Let’s go to Ikea”. Partly bc I want kitchen stools, but mostly so I can order Baby Evan something off the kid’s menu for dinner. We sometimes order food for him now and I love doing it.


  2. We ordered Willow’s (my daughter) first meal (mac and cheese) on the “kids eat free” day at a local restaurant, because we didn’t know if she’d eat it or not. She did! And now we go back because she and her brother can eat free, which is a lot less expensive for us :-)


  3. We haven’t reached this point just yet, but that’s so awesome. Ivy usually just eats tiny portions of whatever we get. We love to eat out and it was great when we realized Ivy can join in.


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