Mini Milestone: Ring Stacker

Spencer learned how to put the rings back on the post! He never seemed too interested and the all of a sudden he started sticking his fingers through the rings and looking at the post. Next he was banging the rings on the top of the post. I didn’t see him put the very first one on, but I heard the clunk followed by his squeal of delight. He worked at it for a few hours and now is stacking them on with the greatest of ease. Now he has been eyeing the shape sorter, so I think I know what is next.

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One Response to “Mini Milestone: Ring Stacker”

  1. Suzanne says:

    Wow, my kid NEVER figured that out! Spencer is a genius!! Baby Evan has defeated the shape sorter though, because 90% of our wood blocks fit through the rectangle hole, so he just fills it up with stuff and shakes it until my eardrums burst.


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