On the Road Again

We made it 500 miles on the first day of our second road trip during Adventure June, all the way to Cedar City, Utah. We drove through CA, NV, AZ and ended in Utah, for a grand total of being in 4 states in 9 hours. Tomorrow is just as two states day as we travel though Utah to end up in Boulder, CO.  We left early which works out really well with Spencer. He slept for the first 5 hours in the car, we stopped for diaper changing, lunch and gassing up. We were on the road again and soon had to stop for a very stinky diaper and then he was awake and we read books and played, then he napped for the last hour or so. I hope he goes to bed early tonight and then we head out by 7 tomorrow because there is an extra 100 miles to go. So far so good.

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