Origin Story

Some twitter chat got me thinking about baby names and I was reminded of our name selection process. Before we found out the sex, hubs and I were positive that there was a girl in my belly and decided on a names in two seconds flat. The middle name was easy because our moms’ both have the same first name. And the first name, I just loved. I am hesitant to give the combo, because I just love it and hope to use it someday and am superstitious about throwing it out there. Just know that it rocks.

We thought of Spencer right away, but kept other names in the mix. Mostly names that ended in -er. Cooper and Conner were at the top of the list. Hubs wasn’t as fond of Cooper as I was and we found out and acquaintance has a Conner who would be fairly close in age. The name I told everyone we were naming him was Seamus, which normally elicited a blank stare for a response, followed occasionally by “Is that a family name?” because matched with my husband’s last name it is very Irish.

There is also a bit of history and compromise with the name Spencer. It is one of my all time favorite names and I have never personally met a Spencer who was an ass. I am choosing to believe that the douche on The Hills is an aberration of the name. My love of the name Spencer overruled my husband’s desire to name our baby Spence. My husband’s paternal grandfather went down with the USS Spence in a Pacific typhoon towards the end of WW II and was never found. It is one of the biggest naval disasters that no one has ever heard of. We also planned to use this grandfather’s name as Spencer’s middle name. Well, we did use it as his middle name, but it got a buddy.  Spencer decided to make his entrance on the fifth anniversary of my father’s death. So, we had to throw his name in there too. After all of this, we ended up with Spencer Stephen Carlyle Kelly. And I think it is awesome, even if is initials almost spell suck.

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