Sacramento Trip in Pictures

We got off to a late start and ended up with a fussy baby.

My awesome husband humored me and fulfilled a childhood dream of stopping at Pea Soup Andersen’s for dinner. I have wanted to go forever, lured by the billboards featuring Happea and Pea-wee, the slightly maniacal, mallet-having cartoon chefs featured on billboards up and down California highways. My parent’s would never stop. It was pretty good and set the tone of the trip by finishing our meal with a super-chocolatey dessert.

The decor was as cheesy as I anticipated. We ate in the coffee-shop because the dining room was closed. Our waitress seemed to have been working there since before I was born as was having none of Spencer’s flirting. Didn’t even crack a smile. Baby fell asleep in the car after dinner and we pushed on to Sacramento. The hotel was just ok, but we were so tired we didn’t care much the first night. Unfortunately, Spencer slept enough in the car that he didn’t fall asleep until after 11. On the bright-side, he slept until 8:30.

UC Davis Arboretum

I filled my time while husband was at work with trips downtown, mostly around the Capitol. I am an overly cautious driver, so I failed to take advantage of the many awesome suggestions for things to do. Just wandered around downtown, Davis and a trip or two to Woodland.

Hanging out in Capitol Park

By Tuesday, Spencer and I settled in to a routine. He slept until 8:30 everyday, which is unheard of at home and then we hit the hotel breakfast bar. He even made a little baby breakfast baby buddy, whose parents seemed impressed by Spencer’s baby-led-eating skills. Then back to the room for a nurse/sometimes nap and then out for the morning. I would stay out until lunch and then bring him back to the hotel by 2, so he could play for a bit and then he napped from about 2:45 until 5 when Hubs would return from training.

Playing in the hotel room

After Hubs rested a bit, we set out for dinner or to the hotel’s hosted happy hour for free beer. One night we met up with an old friend at went out to dinner in Old Sac. It was a little late for Spencer, but he stayed pretty chipper, saving his meltdown for the drive home. And we discovered the yumtastic awesomeness of fried green beans, battered like onion rings, not tempura. So good.

Stealing the wine list

The trip home was pretty uneventful, if poop-filled. Every single diaper changed on the way home was poopy. At least it was small and relatively contained. No huge blow-outs like the last trip home. It was hot, but a delicious Lemon Slushie from Sonic cures many a woe.  I wish we would get a Sonic in my town. I would go all of the time.

Stretching his legs at Sonic

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