12 Months

My baby is a year old today! A birthday post to follow, with cute picture and everything. But right now I have thrown cheerios to clean up and a cranky teething baby who was up all night and doesn’t seem to understand that this is a special day. I haven’t processed how I feel about the birthday; I’ve been so distracted with the party and the sleeping nightmare (he took almost 3 hours to get to sleep last night). I’m proud we’ve made it a year breastfeeding and 6 months in cloth diapers. He standing and sort of walking and all sorts of awesome.

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4 Responses to “12 Months”

  1. Happy Birthday! That is so exciting. Tomorrow is B’s half birthday and she decided to play the 3 hours to get to sleep last night too!

    I am proud of you for hitting your year breastfeeding and 6 months of cloth diapers, that’s awesome!


  2. Suzanne says:

    Happy Birthday to a super special little boy! Congrats on keeping him alive and well for 12 months! (Which totally sounds like sarcasm but having my own 1 year old I can assure you is NOT.)


    Amy Reply:

    Ha! I was going to put something in there about keeping him alive for a year, but couldn’t get the tone right.


  3. Happy Birthday little man! You have the same b-day as my sister and I bet you will grow up to be an awesome little Leo!! Hope the party was fun. Ivy was so ‘excited’ on her b-day that she refused to nap all day. Lucky for me the only meltdown happened when she grabbed the flame on her cakes candle. Fun Times! Can’t wait for the pics :)


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