Rookie Mistake

I should have known that applesauce and graham cracker crumbs would combine to make glue. I was feeding Spence some applesauce at the end of dinner as a last ditch effort for my exhausted butt to get some fruits/vegetables in to the poor kid. I’m just so tired that meals have been slapped together. I think it is a combination of Spencer’s sleeping issues and my self-imposed stress about his upcoming party. Last night he went to bed like an angel at 8:30 and I was in bed by 11:15 and laid awake until 1 thinking about party things. And Spencer woke at 2. Dumb Rookie Mom mistake.

His hair was glued in little chunks that I was able to get out, but why did I not think that he would run his grubby little hands through his hair. He does it every meal. But somehow, this time, when I didn’t put the pieces together when the crumbs covered his sticky hands that a huge mess has about to be deposited in his head. He’s no worse for the wear.

Exhibit A

What’s that? You can’t see the mess? Allow me to present more evidence.

Exhibit B

At least he looks pleased with himself.

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