I woefully misunderstood the whole baby sleep situation before I had one. Probably because most of my baby knowledge came from sitcoms. I figured that I would be sleep-deprived and crazy for a few months and then the baby would sleep though the night. I was wrong. My guy slept though the night from 2 months to 5.5 months and then stopped. You don’t know what you’ve got until it is gone. I used to think my biggest problem was that he was an erratic napper who needed to be held to sleep. I still have that problem, but I also have a bigger one. My baby is almost a year old and I want to sleep through the night. Or just get up once for that matter. On most nights, Spencer goes to sleep between 830 and 930 and wakes around 1, 3 and 5 and gets up around 7.

I have identified a few problems that got me to this point.  In no particular order of responsibility: he will pretty much only nurse to sleep so I am the only one who can put him to bed, making me occasionally bitter and resentful;  I encouraged lap napping while I was working at home because it made it really easy to get stuff done; I often fall asleep in the chair when nursing him back to sleep at night, so he essentially lap naps from 1 am to 7 am, too; he will not go in his pack n play during the day, he wakes up if I get within two feet of it.

It just sucks because I did it. I don’t know how to undo it. I try to make sure he is really awake before taking him out of his crib to nurse him, but if I wait too long, it is so much harder to get him back to sleep. I guess I need to head back to the breastfeeding support group and see if anyone has advice on night weaning, night waking and naps. Any advice welcome in the comments.

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  1. Emmie Bee says:

    Starting at 12m I started H’s schedule that he is still on. Every day I feed him lunch at about 1145 and then at 12 put him upstairs in his crib. He sleeps until 3 everyday. And at night he goes to bed at 8. In his crib. I get him between 8-9 AM. It only took a few days of a bit of crying and now he finishes lunch and goes to get his blanket and stands by the stairs. At 745 at night he already winding down and usually playing with his blanket and sucking his thumb. Things he only does when tired. He literally never cries at nap or bedtime unless we have guests because he wants to stay up & visit. I’d say maybe try it out by feeding him a good meal and then letting him cry a bit if he has to. At his age it’s not hunger waking him, it’s probably because the boobies are his blankie! Maybe get a special toy that is only for the crib? Hudson has a glowworm that never leaves his crib. He usually presses the button over and over until he falls asleep. He’s usually excited to go to sleep. Now, that said- I weened Hudson at almost 7 months so my boobies don’t come into play here. I know this might not work for everyone- but maybe it’s worth a shot? My mom implemented it for me in like literally 2-3 days and he has stuck to it for the last 6 months. I even tried to wake him up the other night to sleep with us & he just grabbed his blanket and said “up up up” because he wanted to go back up to his own bed. Made me sad!


    Amy Reply:

    Thanks for sharing your system. I think we might have to go to something similar. It is making everyone miserable the way thing are now.


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