Sleeping Day 3

We had a late morning, getting up around 9. I served Spencer a light breakfast in anticipation of giving him breakfast at 11:30. But I forgot about some plans. Hubs took Spencer to a car show at 11, so I was a little worried about the napping and no lunch. I gave Spencer an extra bottle before they left, after I nursed him to make up he had enough to eat. The whole time they were gone, instead to baby-free relaxing, I scrubbed the bathtub and fretted about food ans sleep.. But no worries, Spencer fell asleep in the car at about 12:30, hubs got home about 12:45 and was able to successfully transfer the sleeping baby from car seat to pack-n-play. I was shocked. And he stayed asleep until 2:30. I was really shocked.

He stayed awake for the rest of the day with only one minor scare; he started to drift off while nursing at about 6:45 and I didn’t want to go through that again so I jiggled him a little and kept him awake. He was fussy for the next hour and but we just played and distracted him until about 8 when we got his jammies on and gave him a bottle. He nursed to sleep about 8:30, but I waited too long to bring him upstairs (got distracted by stupid Bonsai Blast on my phone) and he woke when I put him down in his crib. Thankfully, a quick and immediate nursing session put him right back to sleep and he went down for the night at 9:00.

Summary Day 3: Nap – success, but not in crib; Bedtime – pretty good, but not right down.

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