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Things I Love Thursdays is back! This week – wooden toys. Now, the only unfortunate thing is that I am going to tell you all about them and how much I love these, but you can’t really buy them that easily. But, it is easy to buy other wooden toys.

We My husband found these awesome toys along Highway 34 (I think) going from Rocky Mountain National Park to Loveland in Colorado. We were driving along and there was a sign that said Toy Sale and a guy with a table. The hubs was compelled to stop and I am so glad we did. Hubs is a toy collector himself so at first I wasn’t sure if we were stopping for him or for Spencer. Turns out, it was for both. The collector toys were out of our price range; the detail was amazing and it was neat just to look at them. There were also tons of simple toys for children like the mixer and this little car.

While the picture makes it has to tell scale, this little car is about 3 inches long. We handed it to Spencer to see if he liked it and it went straight into his mouth. The toy guy just laughed and said he could have it. The toys are all handmade and treated with a kid-friendly finish.

The last one we got is this car carrier, which is awesome because it doubles as a puzzle. The green, blue and pink cars only fit in the carrier bed one way. I love it. Spencer is too young to figure out the puzzle part, but he loves tipping it over.

Moral of the story : if you find yourself tooling down the highway and see a strange man selling toys, stop! It might be worth it.

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