13 Months

Spencer turned 13 months yesterday. Wow! I have no idea where August went. It seems like his party was just a few days a go, probably because we still have one of the banners up and I haven’t done the thank you notes yet. I just got so caught up in the San Francisco trip and then this last week has been recovery from that; I still don’t have one of the bags all the way unpacked. Maybe I am just lazy. That would also explain the lack of unpacking and thank you note writing.

We had is 1 year appointment a little bit late. He is doing well, finally cracked the 50th percentile in weight and is back up to the 95th in height. I still don’t know the point of the head circumference, but he is in the 75th. All in all, I am pleased. We got the fluoride lecture again, but (again) I mentioned that he gets tap water and our is fluoridated so we are good on that front. The doctor didn’t seem concerned that he won’t drink milk because we are still breastfeeding. She also seemed to think I deserved some sort of award for still breastfeeding considering all of the problems we had in the beginning. I didn’t mention the fact that our success is due to twitter, finding a LC with a support group and ignoring any advice that came from the doctor’s office.

Developmentally, he seems to be on track. He is walking all the time now, with a few ill-fated attempts at running. Those were pretty funny: step, step, step, stepstepstep, splat. I shouldn’t laugh, but he is a good faller and gets up smiling. He is up to almost 10 words with a new one every couple days. He can recognize objects and follow directions.

We are approaching the scary place of boundaries and discipline and I feel a little unprepared and unsettled. He learned how to climb yesterday and I don’t know how to keep him off the trunk, chairs and tables. I say no, remove him and try to redirect, but it is not working. He also is biting, A lot. And not just when he is nursing, he bit me on my arm the other day, hard enough to leave a bruise. When I say no, he laughs at me. I do not like the way that makes me feel. There will be a longer post on this soon, I am sure. Any book recommendations or suggestions are welcome in the comments.

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  1. Hi ya. My Mad had the same percentiles at her 1st year check up. She’s two now.
    She did go through a biting phase and while I don’t know if its the right answer but this is what worked for us. We acknowledged the behavior, told her a stern no, told it was wasn’t nice to hurt/bite people and then made her sit in a naughty chair for a minute. We’ve used the naughty chair for about a year now and it works.

    Good luck…and the running. Great description! Splat! I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet your little fella last weekend.


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