Baby Talk

Spencer’s vocabulary has exploded in the last week. He started out saying Bye-Bye and then added Car. Over our San Francisco weekend, he added Wa for water, Mo’ for More, Mama, a funky pronunciation of Ball, Mum-mum (think I give him too many?), Cat used in reference to his toy cat, Toe and I think he is trying to say Book, but it comes out more like bo or boo.  I’m not sure what happened; I don’t know whether I just noticed that has babbling was actually in relation to objects or if he just had a break through. I do know that it is awesome.

I think my favorite thing in when he is nursing and he stops to look around and then pats me on the boob and goes mo’, mo’. So adorable.

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  1. Elle says:

    That’s so sweet, mo’ mo’. My little girl says bu for book and birs for birds but other than that she mostly speaks space alien. I know she’s speaking, I just don’t know what. ;)


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