Breastfeeding Update

The first week of August is World Breastfeeding week, so I thought I would do an update on our breastfeeding situation. We made it to a year with breastfeeding as Spencer’s primary source of food. That was my original goal when I was pregnant, before all of our struggles made me start making desperate revisions to my expectations in an effort to curtail the devastation at having to give Spencer any formula. At that point I was just trying to breastfeed to the next day, the next week. So, we supplemented. But only 10 ounces a day, at the maximum, so I still consider Spencer primarily breastfed. Once we made it past six months, I knew we would make it to a year.

And then at about 10.5 months, the biting started and holy crap the biting. I assumed it was teething related because he would also just crawl up and randomly bite my arm, leg or foot. But he was getting more aggresive. I tried to isolate the causes, limited distractions, tried to pay attention to cues that he might give before he chomped down. Not that having teeth marks on my boobs isn’t fun…

I finally went back to my Lactation Consultant’s breastfeeding support group. She suggested not necessarily weaning Spencer, but ending heroic measures. This surprised me, but she explained that if he was biting all of the time, he might be looking at it as play time, not meal time. So, I started pulling him off the breast completely when he bit and not re-offering until a decent amount of time had passed. He must have felt a tremor in the force, because the biting stopped. I am hesitant to even write that, because I am sure it will just make it start again. I do think I am going to taper down the domperidone and stop taking it. We made it a year and I think we can just let nature take its course at this point.

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