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I have a lot of online friends who are a lot crunchier than I am. I read blogs about unschooling, co-sleeping, breastfeeding/lactivism, baby-led-weaning and all sorts of things that I find fascinating. I’ve settled in to my own parenting groove somewhere to the left of the middle. We breastfeed, but had to supplement with formula. We don’t co-sleep. I do a degree of baby-led-eating, but cut up food and sometimes feed Spencer with a spoon (gasp!). Based on the blogs I read, and people I follow on twitter,  I fall more in to the normal camp, than the attachment parenting camp, despite my baby-wearing. I’m pleased with my choices and think we are doing a pretty good job raising Spencer so far.

Yesterday, I met some momquaintences at the park for a little play time. One of the mom’s is a good family friend and the rest were her friends. I know them from parties, but have never met up with them. Most of the kids are older, they ranged from 7 to 2. They hadn’t seen Spencer in awhile and he was putting on a charming show, so he was impressing them with his activity. And then I mentioned nursing him to sleep for a nap – and they looked at me like I was insane. One said, “Still?” and another just rolled her eyes. I moved on. And then a different mom asked me if he was eating cheerios yet and when I answered that he ate pretty much anything that fit in his mouth, she asked if I was still giving him purees. When I responded that I never really gave him pureed food she just looked at me like I was crazy.

I really like these women and they have smart, active, polite, adorable children. Obviously our parenting styles differ a little, but that is ok. I decided not to mention to the cloth diapering. Just to be on the safe side.

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  1. That last line makes me laugh. i’ve totally had this same experience! Sometimes I feel so un-crunchy based on other bloggers (though I’ve become crunchier with time, or more comfortable with considering myself crunchy, maybe) — but then I rub up against other parents in real life and boy, do I seem like a hippie! ;)


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