Mini Vacation

I’m starting to get nervous about our little trip next week. Spencer and I are heading north to San Francisco. Just the two of us for the 6-7 hour drive. Part of me is freaking out and the rest of me knows it will be fine, although I’ve never actually driven in SF proper before. I think that makes me the most nervous, but I only have to get from the freeway to the hotel. I don’t plan on driving much more than that in the city. We can either take public transportation or my sister can drive, she used to live in the Bay Area.

Why the road trip? I know all 4 of you are dying to find out. On Saturday, I’ll be attending Bloggy Boot Camp on Saturday and my awesome sister, who was due for a visit, offered to fly out, hang out for the weekend and watch Spencer on Saturday. Woo! Thank god for sisters. We decided to make a long weekend out of it, coming in on Thursday and leaving Monday, which gives us Friday and Sunday to run around and play.

I think we’re going to the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, but other than that don’t have a lot of concrete plans. We might meet up with two of Spencer’s aunts who live in the city and maybe a friend of my sister, who has twins about Spencer’s age. Yay! So much fun. I would love suggestions for things to do with a 1 yr old or good places to eat in the comments. If you are going to Bloggy Boot Camp, can’t wait to me you!

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