Morning Cuteness

This morning, Spencer and I woke up in the recliner in his room at about 7:30, after the hubs had left for work. I set him on the ground. Normally, he goes straight for the pile of books, pulls one out and starts flipping pages. Not this morning. He hit the ground high-speed crawling and tore down the hall into our bedroom to the foot of the bed. He popped up with his hand bouncing on the bed and yelled Boooooooooooo at the top of his little lungs and looked right where he thought his daddy would be and smiled. The smile quickly faded as he realized that there was no one in the bed. It was adorable and heartbreaking at the same time. (To explain the Boo yelling: hubs calls Spencer “Boo” and Spencer has started calling anything he really likes Boo. Except he says Booooooooooo.)

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