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I am loving the developmental stage that Spencer is entering. He mimics sounds and actions, is trying to talk and is all around adorable. We make an exaggerated sniffy face when checking his diaper, occasionally accompanied by “You stiiiiiiink.” Spencer caught on and is now sniffing through his nose. But he scrunches up his entire face to do it. The first time he tried I started laughing so hard that I nearly peed my pants. I’m trying to get it on film, but it has proved to be elusive.

Physically, his walking has improved tremendously. He wanders around the house like a drunken sailor and actually chooses to walk for transportation sometimes, instead of just walking two or three steps and crawling the rest of the way. Luckily, he is a pretty good faller and he rarely cries from a tumble. I am kind of dreading the running. I know it isn’t far off; he tried to take a few super-fast steps and did a full on faceplant. I do get nervous when he is walking around on concrete, but I just need to get used to it and truly if I stop and think about it, it is probably safer than when he crawls on the patio. He has gotten some scrapes that way.

He also is making some progress vocally. He can say bye-bye, mama and it trying his hardest to say car. Well, he can say car, just with a Boston accent – it sounds like caw – it is almost always yelled. I am absolutely astounded with how loud Spencer is now. Always banging things, yelling and laughing. I guess I should just be satisfied that it is a happy loud. A friend warned me that kids just get louder and louder. I wonder when it stops – middle school?

To wrap up, he is such a great kid and I am really loving this age.

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