Spencer and I survived the drive and made it to San Francisco for Bloggy Boot Camp tomorrow. He was an angel in the car, just getting a little fussy right before we stopped, which was about every 2 hours. And he somehow knew that I needed to focus driving into and in the city and he mellowed out about 15 miles outside of the city and stayed perfectly content in his car seat until I pulled up to the hotel.

The hotel has plenty of room for him to play and is pretty safe for him. It is a little trickier now that he can open doors. He keeps trying to get in to the bathroom. He’s doing great in the crowds in the stroller; I accidentally left the Ergo in the car. I might try the Ergo for our public transportation jaunts on Sunday. Tonight, we are driving in to Berkeley to visit a friend of my sister, who has 1 year old twins, which should be a fun play date for Spencer.

The conference is tomorrow and I’m excited to meet some people in person that I’ve connected with online, mostly through Twitter. I hope to learn a ton and make some new friends.

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