Super Sleeptastic

I thought I would do a quick sleep update. I am not sure whether things are getting better or if I’ve just accepted our face. Spencer slept for 8 hours in a row the night of his party, but he was exhausted and stuffed full of a tremendous amount of food. So it was an exception, but it gave me an idea. We are working on giving him bigger dinners – maybe we just weren’t feeding him enough at night. I’ve started finishing up each meal with a little cup of yogurt or applesauce on top of whatever we fed him. One night I added on a zucchini muffin, too. And he is normally sleeping until 3 now, not 1 for his first sleep segment. I am considering that a mini-success.

For the most part, we’ve also settled in to a nap schedule. He goes down after lunch for about 45 min, then I nurse him and he sleeps for another 1.5 hours on my lap. I’ve tried putting him down for a second time without much success, so I just catch up on my google reader and write a bit while he sleeps. Of course today he went down for a nap super-tired and an hour later than normal and he has slept for 1.5 hours in the pack and play. Maybe I need to scoot the nap back a bit.

Regardless of how his night-time and nap-time sleeping is actually going. I feel much better about it. I no longer feel desperate and exhausted. It might just be that I submitted to the randomness of the schedule or I have significantly upped my caffeine intake, but whatever it is, it’s working. For now.

Edited to add: The baby woke up with in three minutes of me hitting publish. Ha.

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  1. it’s hard, the whole sleep thing! sometimes i feel weird about the fact that poppy is 16 months old & still doesn’t sleep through the night (except for randomly) and her nap schedule is far from a perfect science. but you deal the hand you’re dealt, eh? and i think we’re both doing the best we can and making sure to nurture our babes. (-: definitely still need a lot of coffee around these parts to keep me going all day!

    sounds like you’re on a great track – bigger dinners for my girl definitely help her stay asleep better. best of luck with even more sleep!



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